• As a global human capital company, our passion is people and we are dedicated to making a difference wherever we are.

  • Our passion is people

    Our mission is to move people and organisations forward through Emergenetics and strategic communication.

  • We are dedicated to making a difference

    Being a small team, we multiply our efforts through collaboration with our stakeholders.

As a global human capital company, our passion is people and we are dedicated to making a difference wherever we are.

At Emergenetics International - Asia Pacific, our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is tied to our mission of moving people and organisations forward through Emergenetics and strategic communication.

We leverage our expertise in people and organization development by conducting pro bono Emergenetics workshops to positively impact leaders in the non-profit sector in Singapore, and through them, make a positive impact on the wider community.

This is done through our 2015 initiative ‘Impact SG50’ as well as, Emergenetics Realising Potential Initiative (RPI), an on-going partnership with National Council of Social Service (NCSS) launched by then Minister for Social and Family Development, Tan Chuan-Jin.

To date, more than 191 leaders from 5 organisations benefited from RPI, and 50 non-profit organisations have benefited from Impact SG50.

Together We Achieve More

We championed “Teamwork” while doing good. We have collaborated with South East Community Development Council (South East CDC) and SAFRA Punggol, to create the first-ever ‘Team Edition’ of the annual FairPrice Walk for Rice.

Being a small team, we multiply our efforts through collaboration with our stakeholders.

We believe that doing good is easier when we take a Whole Emergenetics approach. That’s why #WeDoGoodTogether.

Learn more about our CSR initiatives and events:

Unleashing Potential
@ South East

Connecting career developers with the community to positively shape the future of underprivileged residents in the South East district of Singapore.

In support of the national SkillsFuture movement and South East Community Development Council’s (SECDC) mission to assist the needy, bond the people, and connect the community, Emergenetics APAC has partnered with the People & Career Development Association (PCDA) to rally and empower career development practitioners and talent developers to offer pro bono coaching to underprivileged residents of South East District so they may benefit from an increase in self-awareness to make informed choices in career development.

Under “Unleashing Potential @ SE”, Emergenetics APAC pledge to offer up to 10 scholarships to members of PCDA to attend its global Emergenetics Certification programme. With this certification, graduates will be given a global license to use Emergenetics in coaching, training and development programmes anywhere in the world, add value to their current professional practice, or open up a new career path in people and organisation development. Graduates will also receive mentorship from Master Trainers of Emergenetics APAC to hone their skills in conducting coaching sessions and workshops.

All scholarship recipients will pledge to pay it forward by offering pro bono career coaching sessions to benefit underprivileged residents of the South East district. South East CDC or its appointed partners will identify beneficiaries who are in most need for such a service. Where applicable, Emergenetics APAC will sponsor the Emergenetics Profiles, or rally its partners to make available resources and connections to support the initiative roll-out. Emergenetics APAC will also rally its current pool of certified associates to volunteer their time and expertise to mentor the scholarship recipients in the use of Emergenetics and to offer their professional coaching services on pro bono basis to benefit underprivileged residents.

Emergenetics APAC aims to offer scholarships to 10 deserving and outstanding career developers who are willing to volunteer their time and energy, and together with Emergenetics APAC’s staff and certified associates, positively shape the future of 100 underprivileged residents of South East district.

For more information, please email alvin.peh@emergenetics.com

Collaboration Champions
@ South East

Strengthening collaboration among grassroots leaders for greater community impact

In support of South East Community Development Council’s (SECDC) aspiration to strengthen collaboration among grassroots leaders to create greater impact on the community, Emergenetics APAC is partnering with SECDC to build capacity at the divisional level through a leadership development programme based on the science of Emergenetics to benefit 3,000 grassroots leaders across the South East district. Under the “Collaboration Champions @ South East” initiative, SECDC will identify from each division within the South East district a total of 12 grassroots leaders or community volunteers who are professional trainers or have training experience to play the role of Collaboration Champions within their divisions. These Collaboration Champions will be certified in Emergenetics (used globally to strengthen collaboration within teams) and be empowered to run the leadership development programme for fellow grassroots leaders, creating a multiplying effect to strengthen collaboration on the ground. Emergenetics APAC will also pledge to sponsor 3,000 Emergenetics Profiles over a 3-year period to be used by the Collaboration Champions as part of the programme. Emergenetics APAC will also rally its existing pool of certified Emergenetics Associates to be mentors to the Collaboration Champions so there is transfer of knowledge, expertise and experience. The “Unleashing Potential @ South East” and “Collaboration Champions @ South East” initiatives represent a combined in-kind contribution from Emergenetics APAC worth SGD500,000 and together with its staff and Associates who will volunteer their time and expertise, demonstrate the company’s commitment to promoting communication, collaboration and community.

For more information, please email alvin.peh@emergenetics.com

Realising Potential Initiative

Launched by Minister Tan Chuan-Jin on 4 March 2016, the “Emergenetics Realising Potential Initiative” is a commitment of Emergenetics International - Asia Pacific to realise the potential of leaders and teams in the charity and non-profit sector of Singapore.

Bona fide non profit organisations benefitting Singaporeans and the wider Singaporean community can apply to receive complimentary Emergenetics Profiles to be used as part of their training programmes from July 2016 over a period of 25 months. Emergenetics International-Asia Pacific will be working with the National Council of Social Services to disburse the profiles.

Impact SG50

To commemorate Singapore’s 50th birthday as well as 10 years of Emergenetics in Asia Pacific in the year 2015, we partnered with Emergenetics Associates to make a direct contribution to leaders, managers and volunteers of some 50 non-profit and charitable organisations in Singapore that are doing amazing work to make a difference to the wider Singaporean community. Titled “ Emergenetics Impact SG50”, this ground-up community initiative by Emergenetics International-Asia Pacific brought together corporate trainers, Organisation Development consultants, and Human Resource practitioners, to benefit the non-profit sector of Singapore through their combined experience and expertise in human capital and organisation development.

Walk for Rice - Team Edition

We gathered teams from various organisations, companies, families, friends and more in Singapore to walk with us and fundraise bowls of rice to help underprivileged families to live and eat healthily.

We believe that individuals coming together, bringing their unique talents and diverse backgrounds, can make waves of difference through the spirit of teamwork. With great teams, we can achieve greater impact.

FairPrice Walk for Rice - Team Edition Rice Distribution

The Emergenetics team spent some time with 35 seniors at Muhammadiyah Health & Day Care Centre. We had the chance to prepare breakfast for them, interacted and played a fun game of Fruit Bingo with them! We also distributed bags of rice which was raised as part of the FairPrice Walk for Rice - Team Edition. Indeed it was a meaningful and heartwarming morning, being able to interact with the elderly, and see the smiles on their faces.

Do reach out if you are interested to know more about our CSR efforts and/or would like to participate in future events.
We believe in doing good together.