Are you prepared
for the future workplace?
of managers* feel unprepared
and feel that their skills can be
replaced by automation.
Responses from Skills Mastery Online Poll conducted by Emergenetics Asia Pacific
Note: This online poll was conducted from 19 June to 2 July 2018. Responses were garnered mainly through publicity on
social media, emails and word-of-mouth of contacts of Emergenetics APAC, Lifelong Learning Institute, and partners of
SkillsFuture Festival Executive Series @ WeWork. A total of 124 responses were collected. The primary objective of this
online poll was to gather data points to serve as talking points for discussion by panellists of the Opening Panel of
SkillsFuture Festival Executive Series @ WeWork. As there is insucient scientific rigour applied, the online poll and this
infographic should not be deemed as an academic-level research or thesis. For a copy of the report of the poll, please drop
an email to
Top Skills That Are Important
to master for the future enterprise,
work and workplace
Professional Skills
• Data analytics
• IT
(Software development, application &
hardware integration, green engineering)
Interpersonal Skills
• Communication
• People Management
• Emotional Intelligence
Personal Skills
• Adaptability
• Leadership
• Responsiveness
Thinking Skills
• Critical thinking
• Creative problem-solving
• Creativity
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* Managers polled are from these industries:
• Human Resources
• Public Relations and Communications
• Financial Services
• Management Consulting
• Programme Development
• Events Services
• Government Administration
of respondents listed
soft skills
as important skills to have.
Skills that managers
think are important
• Communication
• Empathy
• Leadership
• Digital technologies
• Presentation skills
• Adaptability
Skills that their bosses
(C-suite leaders)
think are important
• Relational/people skills
• Collaboration
• Communication
• Problem-solving
• Creative thinking
• Adaptability
So is Skills Mastery still important
for the future enterprise?
said YES!
that is most mentioned
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