Yes, it’s been 10 years!

Emergenetics may have started in the USA in 1991, but it was only in 2005 that its first office outside of the USA was established in Singapore. To commemorate a decade of Emergenetics in the Asia Pacific region, we’re launching 10 initiatives throughout Asia Pacific under the umbrella banner of APAC10.

Join us in making a difference to people and organisations in Asia Pacific through revealing preferences and realising potential!

  1. The Emergenetics Impact in 10 Cities
  2. The Emergenetics Impact SG50
  3. Geil’s Visit to Asia Pacific
  4. Emergenetics-Partner Conferences
  5. Emergenetics Advisor Certification Programme (Public)
  6. Corporate Associates Exchange
  7. Social Media Campaign
  8. Associate Development Series
  9. Brain Summit Promotion
  10. Emergenetics Business Mission

The Emergenetics Impact in 10 Cities

Since 2005, we’ve established Emergenetics office throughout Asia Pacific. This year, the country offices are banding together to give back to our respective communities across Asia Pacific.

Called “Emergenetics Impact in 10 Cities”, each of our Country Representative offices will propose a meaningful project using Emergenetics to make an impact on their communities. A total of 10 projects taking place in 10 different cities in Asia Pacific will be identified.

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The Emergenetics Impact SG50

2015 is the year Singapore celebrates its 50th birthday through an umbrella branding of “SG50”. As the first country outside of USA to set up an Emergenetics, and the home of Emergenetics International’s Asia Pacific headquarter, Singapore is special and an important part of the story of Emergenetics.

Similar in concept to “Emergenetics Impact in 10 Cities”, “Emergenetics Impact SG50” will see our Asia Pacific headquarter partner with associates based in Singapore to deliver 50 meaningful Emergenetics programmes to make a difference to the non-profit and charity sector in Singapore.

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Geil’s APAC10 Visit

Against the backdrop of APAC10 and a decade of Emergenetics in this region, we have arranged a region-wide visit for the Founder and CEO of Emergenetics International Dr Geil Browning. During her visit, Geil will be meeting up with Associates and partners in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Korea.

To follow Geil on her APAC10 Visit, visit our Blog, Facebook or look up our Twitter hashtag #EGAPAC10

Emergenetics-Partner Conferences

We’re raising the profile of Emergenetics so more people and organisations will know about Emergenetics and its benefits, and we’re doing this through a series of seminars and conferences organised in partnership with partners.

Join us at the following Emergenetics-Partner events:


Emergenetics With Action Learning
An Experiential Seminar on Problem Solving and Leadership Development
Tuesday, 2 June 2015
8.30am to 5.30pm
NUSS Suntec City Guild House

To register and for more information, visit Website.

Emergenetics Advisor Certification Programme (Public)

For the first time, we’re putting together a public version of our signature Emergenetics Advisor Certification Programme to equip line-managers and leaders with enhanced knowledge on Emergenetics so they can champion Emergenetics within their organisations to enhance productivity and engagement at the workplace.

To enquire about details or to register, please email

Social Media Campaign

We’re putting together a nation-wide social media campaign to raise the profile of Emergenetics in Singapore and we’re keeping things under wraps for now. It’s going to be fun, inspiring, and exciting. We’ll share more details when we’re ready to launch!

Associates Exchange
(Exclusive For Associates)

We’re launching this platform to allow Corporate Associates to come together to exchange ideas, share experiences on the use of Emergenetics within their respective organisations, and to network to support each other on the Emergenetics journey.

The first session was held on 23 January with
Chris Torfin, Organizational Effectiveness Manager Asia, MICRON.

For upcoming sessions, please email

Associate Development Series

As an organisation whose purpose is "WE Value People”, we are constantly looking for ways to add value to our associates. As part of APAC10, we are launching an Associate Development Series.

Under the banner of this series, we will be putting together workshops and seminars that equip Associates with complementary skillsets and knowledge so they can enhance their performance as an Emergenetics trainer, facilitator or consultant.

Join us at the following programmes created just for you, our valued Associates!

Process Facilitation Skills Workshop
This 2-day workshop is designed for Emergenetics Associates to understand field of process facilitation, become familiar with the competencies outlined by International Association of Facilitators (IAF), learn to use facilitation tools and techniques for group effectiveness and gain knowledge and skills to become a good process facilitator.

23 & 24 April 2015
9am to 5pm
Level 2 @ EGI-A

Workshop led by:
Ng Choon Seng, Emergenetics Associate and the only IAF Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) Assessor in Singapore

Standard Rate: SGD990
Associate Rate: SGD850

For more details about this workshop, visit Website.

For upcoming programmes of Associate Development Series, or if you have a programme you would like to offer to our Associates, please email

Brain Summit Promotion

It’s Brain Summit year again! And this year, the biennial conference for Emergenetics Associates will be held in Assisi, Italy from 6-8 October 2015.

As part of APAC10, we will be launching a special promotion to encourage Associates based in Asia Pacific to join this global meeting of brilliant minds to learn, connect and engage!

Stay tuned for more information but in the meantime, SAVE THE DATE!

To find out more about Brain Summit, email or visit the website

Emergenetics Business Mission

We’re putting together a business mission trip that would allow Associates based in Hong Kong and in Singapore to make a business mission trip to each other’s country and learn all about training and consultancy in Hong Kong and Singapore. The business mission is planned for the the second half of 2015.

For enquiries and to register your interest, please email